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Basic Safety Tips for Boating and Kayaking

Sailing off on your boat or kayak might sound like a peaceful adventure. However, it's wise to take basic precautions so you not only enjoy your excursion but stay healthy and safe to enjoy many more outings. Follow these safety guidelines whenever you're boating or kayaking.

Stay Within Your Skill Set

Testing the limits of your capabilities is not wise when you're out on the water. While you don't have to be an expert, you need to have the strength and skills to handle paddling. Everyone should also know how to execute a wet exit, a self-rescue, and a T-rescue. If you're a novice paddler:

Bring Safety Gear

Pack safety gear and test everything you bring so you know it works and you know how to use it. Some gear is easy to use, and other items are more complicated.

Dress to Be Immersed in the Water

Anytime you're in a boat or kayak, assume that you will end up in the water. Dress accordingly to prepare for this situation.

Don't Kayak Alone

Expert kayakers may be fine kayaking by themselves, but novices should never go out alone. Bringing along a companion makes kayaking much safer.

Check Local Conditions and Potential Hazards

When you're kayaking in an unfamiliar area, do your research before you go out. You need to know all about the hazards you might face.

Make and Share Your Float Plan

Your float plan has all of the important details about your outing. Share the plan with whoever will miss you the soonest if you don't return in a reasonable amount of time.

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